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Relaxed Luxury: The Quintessential Style for Henck Design

To keep a space timeless you must indulge in a design style that is untouched by trends and transitions. This is how classic interiors remain in the moment, even when the moment is over.

At Henck Design, our design philosophy is defined by the seamless blend of Old World style with Modern trends. Within our extensive portfolio, you’ll discover that our Quintessential Style is a tasteful fusion of Relaxed Luxury & Classic Modern design.

Our Quintessential Style is composed of a few key interior design elements. The foundation of all our projects is built upon HD’s signature light and airy color palette, which embraces Ivory, True White, Silver-Blue, Grey, Medium to Light Wood Tones and Gold accents. The results are interiors draped in soft, neutral tones, creating a tranquil and sophisticated ambiance.

Luxury Kitchen Redesign in Palm City, Florida

Our staple light and airy color palette is visible in this West Palm Beach, FL kitchen.

The kitchen in the West Palm Beach home pictured above is a perfect example of our Quintessential aesthetic. The blue-gray walls add depth to the otherwise understated color palette, while silver accents tie together the appliances and decor. This space embodies laid-back luxury, striking an ideal balance between elegance and approachability, which encapsulates our design philosophy at HD.

How Does HD Deliver Casual and Cool Comfort?

At Henck Design, we create interior layouts with space planning. We use minimal but sophisticated styling in all of our design projects. Our designers are skilled at creating Modern Classic interiors that are universal in their timeless beauty yet specifically tailored to meet each client’s individual preferences and needs.

We value quality when it comes to furniture, rugs, styling items, and lighting. Our inventory consists of designer-grade items that embrace soft textures, light wood tones, natural materials, clean lines, functional design choices and gold-standard selections.

Our selections start with furniture, rugs and lighting and then move towards styling items. As you move from consultation to Design Direction, our team will work to deliver Classic Modern style while ensuring it is still tailored to your needs.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design in Center City Philadelphia

With a neutral color palette, elegant gold accents, and a stunning waterfall marble island, this chef’s kitchen in Logan Square is the pinnacle of HD’s Classic Modern Style.

In this Logan Square kitchen, our design approach was truly transitional, incorporating traditional elements like clean-cut white cabinetry and a marble island with more contemporary touches in the gold hardware and lighting.

If you’re in love with this Classic Modern style but not ready to undergo a full renovation, it’s still possible to sprinkle some HD style into your space. Explore our shoppable collections today at Shop HD to shop the furniture, rugs, and lighting you see throughout our portfolio.

Relaxed Luxury in the HD Portfolio

HD’s signature style is more than just colors and elements; we’re known for our masterful selection of furniture, rugs and lighting and ability to create relaxed luxury in each space we design.

One staple of the Henck Design recipe is the usage of Oversized Mirrors. We love incorporating larger mirrors into our designs because they cast natural light back into the space, which adds warmth and dimension.

Additionally, we are committed to collaborating with members of our community. This includes sourcing handmade quality furniture from local vendors, such as the Philadelphia Table Co.

Rittenhouse Square Townhouse Custom Designed Bedroom

The HD team designed this tranquil bedroom around the one-of-a-kind custom headboard from Philadelphia Table Co.

Along with the headboard pictured above, the 10 ft. White Oak Table in this historic Delancey Place home was handcrafted by Philadelphia Table Co. Between the custom designs and staple pieces, our team focuses on minimal elegant touches that enhance a home’s interior design story, such as Gold and/or Black accents.

Rodney McLeod’s Relaxed Luxury Home

In Rodney McLeod’s Large Scale Luxury Old City home, the golden accents in lighting and hardware elevate the luxuriousness of the space.

Philadelphia Eagle Rodney Mcleod's Luxury Room in Old City, Philadelphia

In Philadelphia Eagle Rodney McLeod’s Luxurious Old City home, HD’s staple gold accent helps create a dynamic moment in the center of the room.

We established visual continuity in McLeod’s dining space by including gold accents in both the chandelier and table stand. The Metallic Gold table stand is geometric and substantial. This creates a visually captivating contrast since the arms of the chandelier are more dainty.

How can HD help with achieving the Relaxed Luxury and Modern Classic design for you?

Additionally, Henck Design’s mission focuses on designing spaces that speak to much more than the space itself. Whether it is a Residential or Commercial space, the HD team tailors the design to the resident’s needs. We believe that having a beautiful environment to spend your time in can be truly healing, energizing, and uplifting.

Our blog, Shop HD, and Pinterest offer resources for your modern design inspiration. With designer picked styling items and Pinterest boards HD can help deliver the essence of Relaxed Luxury to your home sooner. Visit our Modern Classic Main Line Pinterest board today for the visual story behind our Quintessential design style.

Parc Condos in Rittenhouse Square Luxury Dining Room

Relaxed Luxury is felt and seen in this Chestnut Hill formal dining room.

Clients and fans of the brand can visit our Shop the Style page and take our Design Style Survey to receive personal access to exclusive Henck Design styles. The style survey will guide participants to a look that’s curated for them within HD’s Quintessential style.

HD is happy to consult with interested parties regarding possible Residential or Commercial refreshes. Here, we will work with each individual to understand their design goals and set them up for success. Click here to get started today!

At-Home Elevation is Waiting

At HD, we believe that a well-designed space is necessary to show up as our highest selves. Finding the balance of beauty and functionality is the foundation of what we do. Our Quintessential style is a tried-and-true formula for creating Relaxed Luxury in each space we design.

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